Working with you in mind

BroadView has been designed from the ground up with direct input from our most important resource - our users. Here's what they wanted, and we gave them!

• A fully integrated offering that combines program acquisitions, scheduling, traffic, ad management, reporting, automation management and more - all without ever re-entering data.

• A modular structure that allows you to purchase only the pieces that you need.

• A cost-effective PC-based system that helps you save money with technology based on open standards and low cost hardware.

• Ease-of-use tools such as wizards, templates and "drag and drop" functionality.

• The ability to manage multi-station scheduling and traffic challenges easily while also meeting the needs of single stations.

• The ability for traffic and scheduling departments to share information and work concurrently which can help save time and increase efficiency.

• Network capabilities that allow users to access the system over company LANs, WANs and the Internet.

• Built-in reports and integration tools to meet regulatory needs (e.g. CRTC).

• The ability to output information to master control systems, to web sites, to TV guide systems, etc.

That's not all! The menu below contains more information about each module. You can also contact us directly for further information.

Broadview Modules

+ Acquisitions

+ Media Library

+ Program Scheduling

- Traffic

BroadView provides strong integration between program scheduling and traffic like no other product. Its intuitive and powerful traffic log allows for different views in different ways to help you visualize your broadcast day.

Key Features

• Have Traffic people work on the logs without having to wait for Programming staff to finish their work.

• Have multiple traffic users access the log simultaneously.

• Always be assured that the traffic log and the program schedule are in sync.

• Apply common "formats" to programs to automatically generate segments and breaks - including multiple types of breaks such as local breaks, network breaks etc.

• Utilize colour coding to easily visualize problem areas.

• Utilize different views to see particular elements in the log (e.g. interstitials, promos, bonus ads, etc.)

+ Ad Contract Sales & Revenue

+ Live Avails

+ Sales Analysis

+ Finance

+ Master Control & Automation

- Reporting and Analysis

BroadView incorporates a powerful reporting server along with many "pre-programmed" reports to meet all of your reporting needs including CRTC and other regulatory bodies. Custom reports can also be developed using third party reporting tools or by contacting BroadView directly.

Key Features

• Output reports in choice of format including: Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Excel (for further analysis and formatting).

• Schedule reports to run automatically at pre-determined times.

• Have reports sent to you via email.

• Implement "User-Defined Fields" to track and report on information specific to your environment.

• Generate various reports from the following groupings:
    - Ad Copy
    - CRTC
    - Deal
    - Media
    - Program
    - Schedule
    - Series
    - Traffic

+ Radio-Specific Features

+ Enriched Web Schedule


+ OnDemand

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