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BroadView 8.0

Broadview 8.0 gives you the Industry's Latest "Living, Breathing" Integrated Broadcast Management System

We at BroadView have always known that we’re a little different. We pride ourselves on having the best integrated broadcast management system on the market, globally, foregoing the prophecies for the promise. Being focused on delivering that promise though continual upgrades means that we invest a lot of time attentively listening to our clients changing needs, and working to respond to those ever-changing demands on their broadcast operations.

Our latest update to our signature solution, BroadView v8.0, is unique in the industry for being the most advanced, simple-to-operate and stable media management package available - encompassing traffic, programming, linear and cross platform scheduling. We like to think of it as a living, breathing platform where continual improvements and advances meet the needs of our clients in real time, fulfilling our commitment to serve as a technology partner, not just a technology provider.

Our feature set provides optimal solutions tailored to your needs, to optimize workflow, maximize efficiencies and cut operating costs through the wholesale addition of new modules or smaller product enhancements that improve the efficiency of using BroadView.

But why just tell you when we can show you? Founding Partner and CEO Michael Atkin and Manager of Client Operations, Sylvia Schroer have put together a four-part video series where they highlight some of the main features you asked us for.

 What are some of the new features that we think you’ll love?

 OnDemand Scheduler: Configurable Columns, View Manager

User will be able to add and remove text columns in the OnDemand Scheduler and save it as a View, this will greatly simplify working with DLTO or EST type schedules. They can now also choose to show the schedule panel in a compact format or hide it altogether. This gives our users flexibility in how they want to schedule.

 OnDemand Scheduler: Multi-sort of Columns

With these new columns being available, you can sort on multiple columns at the same time in the OnDemand Scheduler. By shift-clicking on a column, you can sub-sort the results. I.e. Program Title, Season #, Episode #

 OnDemand: Ignore Series Casting Rule

While it is convenient to apply casting rules to a series item, sometimes an exception is required for one or more episodes. From the Program Form you can now choose to ignore specific Series Casting Rules.


This is a very powerful and flexible way to get information out of the BroadView database in JSON format. Instead of a traditional REST API, it takes away the friction of needing to understand BroadView’s internal database structure by providing that information through introspection. The results can be nested and will include only the fields you are interested in, cutting down on network traffic while greatly increasing the power of querying BroadView.

 XML Templates

Using GraphQL queries as our data source, we now offer a convenient template method to generate XML for all our client needs. This will allow us to quickly prototype XML for testing integrations and then iterate to production much faster than we can with traditional XML exports.

 So, how can 8.0 improve your broadcast operations?

One of our largest clients is a global satellite radio provider with hundreds of  stations and thousands of local channels. We installed a new Channel Manager that allows them to securely manage all of their channels (including Production and Disaster Recovery sites) within our system. They make extensive use of BroadView’s parent-child network tools to cast schedules and individual programs automatically from parent to children. As part of the Channel Management Implementation, BroadView has also developed and installed functionality to support assignment of generic sources within program formats. These generic sources are translated to physical sources based on the parent/child schedules and Channel setup.

We also introduced them to our Promo Campaign Manager, which automatically schedules promos across all channels based on user-defined promo parameters. They can now manage the automation playlist creation, as well as management for day-of schedule changes, which are communicated directly to the Florical and RCS Zetta systems through a BXF compliant interface. BroadView is also managing the scheduling of Dalet physical record devices for recorded content using our Recorder Pool Allocation system for the Production and Disaster Recovery systems.

And when we say our systems are integrated we mean it! Beyond the dozens of existing integrations, BroadView has developed integrations with several systems including: Dalet (MAM), Florical (Automation), RCS Zetta (Playout Servers), WideOrbit (Ad Traffic), as well as with custom internal and satellite uplink systems. All of these integrations were developed with a mix of file-based transfers and web services, utilizing an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) methodology and micro-services.

And these are just few of what v8.0 has to offer. Watch our vlogs to learn more about how these enhancements can quickly integrate with your existing system to immediately improve your traffic and scheduling operations.

Come Visit us at our booth (N4424) at NAB to find out how Broadview 8.0 can seamlessly liven up and improve your broadcast operations. You’ll be able to get a hands-on view of how BroadView v8.0 can operate as an end-to-end package and how individual modules including programming, OnDemand 2.0 and Promotion Campaign Manager can integrate with your existing operations.

We invite you to visit our website to find out more about BroadView’s extensive suite of broadcast management solutions.


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